Filing for an uncontested divorce in missouri

Home FAQs. Can I file for divorce on my own, without an attorney?

Forms Required for Dissolution

Yes, you can go to www. This website will provide state-approved family court petitions. If you are filing for a divorce without an attorney, you are required to use these forms.

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Show All Answers 1. Do you take credit cards? We suggest that you look for the petition you need on line or research it at your local library. Please make sure that they are State of Missouri-approved forms. What do I do if have a title to a car that is unsigned and I cannot find the person I bought the car from or if I have lost the title?

What is the process to evict a tenant from a home? Please make sure that it is a State of Missouri approved form.

The Divorce Process via the Court System in Missouri

What do I do if I have a copy of a title that is unsigned? Legal separations are permitted when an irretrievable breakdown of the marriage happens as a result of 1 adultery, 2 abandonment, 3 separations caused by misconduct in the year before filing the petition, 4 spousal behavior that the other spouse cannot reasonably be expected to live with, 5 living separate and apart for two years.

One of the spouses must be a resident of Missouri for 90 days before he or she can file for a legal separation. Missouri permits simplified divorce.

Online divorce in Missouri

In this routine, the spouses file jointly. Some counties have approved preprinted forms for filing a joint petition for dissolution.

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  • The Difference Between Contested and Uncontested Divorce.
  • What Are Uncontested Divorces?.

When one of the spouses files as an individual, the Petitioner must file the following forms:. After the Petition has been filed with the Clerk of the Circuit Court, the Respondent must be given service of process.

What does the process of obtaining a divorce in Missouri entail?

The Respondent has 45 days from the date of last publication to file an Answer. If he or she does not file an Answer, the Petitioner may file for a default judgment.

Otherwise, after the Respondent has been properly served, he or she has 30 days to file an Answer. If he or she does not file an Answer, the Petitioner may go to court and ask for a default judgment. X Close Start Your Online Start Divorce.

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