Data entry from property records

This provides DHR staff with time to approve the request for you.

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To add a previously surveyed property to a project, click on the Add Existing Property button at the top right. Note: A project can include previously surveyed and newly surveyed properties provided none of them are in a historic district. This search form allows users to quickly find previously surveyed properties and add them to a project. If the DHR ID number is not known, you may search by property name, address, or any of the other fields listed on this page. Enter information and click Search at the bottom of the page. VCRIS also allows users to search and request properties using a map interface.

From the Add Existing Property page, click on the Map Search tab and enter the address or use the map navigation tools to locate the resource.

Note: If using the address locator enter the complete address including the city and state. Once the property is located, click on it and select Add to Cart from the pop-up box. If there are overlapping properties in the same location, such as individual resources and historic districts, they will be indicated in the pop-up box at the upper left hand corner of the page.

Use the arrows to select more than one property. If the search returns a previously recorded property that you wish to add to your project, select it, and then click on the Add to Cart button. If you need to add additional properties, click on the Show Search Form button on the upper right to start a new search. Click on the shopping cart button , and then Request Properties.

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To add a newly identified property to the Project, click on the Properties tab, and then click on Add New Properties to enter the property name and location information for the property. The Temporary Designation field, like the Project Name field on the previous page, is meant to help you organize your records and will not appear on your final record. It also will not be usable after the Initial QC is approved. The rest of the geographic data on this page will auto-generate once your property is mapped. The Map It button will open a pop-up window with a satellite image of Virginia.

Type the address into the field in the upper left corner. The aerial will zoom to general location of the property. To hand draw the property boundary click the Draw Property Area button and begin tracing the boundary of your property by left-clicking once on the map. Left-click once at the property corner to complete a line. Press the Escape key on your keyboard if you need to start your property area outline over. To complete a property area, double click. The outline tool will draw the shortest possible line from the last place that you clicked to the point where you started your area.

If you need to alter your shape, click the Edit Property Area button in the upper right. A node will appear at the midpoint of each outline face.

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Click and pull on these dots to change the area outline. If you need to make significant changes to your outline, click the Delete Property Area button in the upper right to restart the outline. When you have finished your outline, click save. To upload a shapefile click on the Upload Shapefile button in the upper right. Once you have chosen the GIS shapefile click on Upload to load the shapefile. The map will zoom to the location of the shapefile. If you need to edit the shape, follow the instructions outlined on the previous page.

After mapping the property boundaries, the system will automatically return to the Location Information tab. To complete this page, you need to enter the Property Name and Property Address. Enter the building type house, store, etc. See below for an example.

There are several other options for the Property Name section. If you know the historic or secondary name for a property, you can add them here by clicking on the Add button. If you want to add another new property to the project, click on the project name hyperlink and then on the Add New Property button. The system will return to the Properties page and allow you to add additional properties to the project. When all of the properties are added to the project, click on the Save button before submitting the project for Initial QC. Once the location data for each new property is entered and the edit approval for each previously surveyed property is complete, the project can be submitted for Initial QC.

Any previously surveyed properties included in your project will not be given a new DHR ID number, but will become editable. Note: You cannot submit the project for Initial QC without the approval to edit previously surveyed properties. When a project is submitted for initial QC, the system will check that all the required information is entered and ask you to confirm you are ready to submit it.

After submitting your project for initial QC, you will receive an email confirmation.

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This is what a project will look like while it is under Initial QC review:. Once the Initial QC is approved users can begin detailed data entry. This page is already complete, and unless edits are needed, proceed to the Property Information tab. As you move through Detailed Data Entry, remember to always press save at the bottom of the page.

The Property Information page includes several fields and text boxes. Pictured below is the upper section of that page with descriptions for each item. The middle section of the Property Information page is pictured below with descriptions for each item. The lower section of the Property Information page is pictured below with descriptions for each item. When the detailed Property Information page is complete, click on the Resources tab, and then on Add New Resource to begin adding information about the individual resources on the property.

The Appendix includes a list of the resource category and types and the building component information.

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  8. Next, enter threats to the resource, all historic contexts, and a detailed architectural description in the open text box at the bottom of the page. If the individual resource is a building, an additional tab will open. To add building specific information, click on the Building Information tab. After adding the number of stories whole numbers and decimals only, no fractions and interior plan, click Add to add data on specific components of the building. Add as many of the individual building components as your survey observations permit.

    The Appendix includes a listing of all of the options in each of the drop-down menus. If a property contains more than one resource, add additional entries from the Resources tab. The process and pages associated with adding an additional resource to a property are identical to those used for the primary resource and described in the previous slides. When you add a secondary resource, this field will auto-populate to show that the first resource entered into the property is the primary resource. If the primary resource was not the first one entered, simply open the Individual Resource Information page of the newly identified primary resource and change this field.

    The other resources will auto-populate as secondary. The Bridge Information tab consists of open text boxes and drop-down menus. The Cemetery Information tab will open. This tab contains open text boxes and drop-down menus specific to cemeteries. This section is not required.


    When adding new information to previously recorded properties do not delete or modify any of the existing information in the record. Remember to preface your narrative updates with the month and year that the property was observed, i. Once all detailed data for each property is entered click Submit Project for Final QC to begin final review process.

    How to Create Student Record Data Entry Form in MS Access - Full Tutorial

    Make sure that all text, recommendations, and map locations are finalized before submitting the project for Final QC. Any requests for edits to properties should be coordinated with DHR survey staff. Similarly to Initial QC, a pop-up describing any incomplete fields will appear. Within each bullet point is a hyperlink connected to the page where a change or addition is necessary.

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    At that point, the survey forms are accessible in the data viewer and the forms can be printed for submission. The activity tab provides a list of the data entry steps and dates completed. Click on the Notes icon to read any notes from DHR staff about the data entry project.

    DataEntry Property [Access VBA Language Reference] | Microsoft Docs

    Click the Search button. This will activate the Details button and create a PDF. To generate a map with the form, click on the box. How can I hide columns in the record picker? Setting the Visible property to No will automatically hide the column each time you open up the data entry form. Setting it to How can you nest groups? The settings for the record picker will allow you to group and automatically sort records by a field name. Answer Create a number input box or slider numeric data entry form type Go into number input box options Set the buttons option to drop down calculator Link it to data source and text object.

    Symptom You want to limit the numbers allowed to be input into a field on a form. Open up the properties of the Text Input box. Make s Question Is it possible to change the tab order in the Data Entry Form? Answer Yes. By clicking on an empty area on the form, we can open the "Form Properties" dialog and, selecting the "Tab Order" option check and change if necessary the order on which the tabs are selected:.

    As a first step you'll need to crea The packing number is a value in a database, and each pac Answer It's a little hidden. However, there are other pieces of the barcode that are already populated with data. Answer Use Named Data Sources. When you name a data source in an object on a template, you are able to access the dat